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Managing Risk with Avalanches, Managing Risk With A Pandemic – A Conversation with state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn

The second episode is a conversation on risk, public safety messaging, and resilience—not with an avypro, but with Utah state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn. Dr. Dunn has been at the forefront with the fight against Covid-19 in Utah and knows a bit about the bottom line, vulnerability, and exposure.

On the Efficacy of Avalanche Airbags and New Research – A Conversation with Dr. Scott McIntosh and Black Diamond’s Andy Merriman

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Scott McIntosh and Black Diamond’s Andy Merriman to talk about, well first, good decision making, but then, in the event you get caught in an avalanche, how and why an airbag can potentially help you avoid the worst consequences. In particular, we’re taking about BD’s innovative JetForce Pro Avalanche AirbagA study conducted by Dr. McIntosh et al. suggests the JetForce Pro pack could significantly delay asphyxia, buying buried backcountry users valuable additional time for rescue.

On Having Systems for the Backcountry – A Conversation with Sarah Carpenter

Sarah Carpenter is a co-owner of the American Avalanche Institute.  She teaches avalanche courses to both recreationists and professionals and loves sharing her excitement about the winter environment with others.  Sarah also works as a ski guide in the Tetons.  She lives in Victor, ID with her husband, Don, in a house they built together (with a lot of help).  She says her favorite place to ski is in wild, remote places with people that she cares about.  “I truly love powder skiing and you can typically find me by following the laughter as I ski downhill.”

The Message and the Messenger – A Conversation about Marketing and Manipulation with Alex Hamlin

In this podcast, we sit down with Alex Hamlin.  For over fifteen years, Alex Hamlin has worked at the intersection of storytelling and outdoor sport, with experience at magazines, global retail brands and creative agencies. He is currently a partner at Salt Lake City-based brand agency 7D8 (, but before that, Alex was the Creative Director at Black Diamond Equipment.  In our conversation, we talk about the psychology behind marketing (and influencing behavior change), with a particular eye toward marketing safety.  Alex talks about what storytelling means as a way of establishing connections as this was central to his philosophy in producing and directing the exceptional BDTV series from a few years ago.  The One-Seven-Six episode was particularly meaningful to Drew. 

Mastery and False Mastery – A Conversation with Big Don Sharaf

In this podcast, we sit down with Don Sharaf.  Don is a long time avalanche professional and is one of the owners of the American Avalanche Institute. With his experience as a forecaster for Valdez Heliski Guides, the town of Juneau, and others, we tease apart expertise and mastery from, well, its opposite. We hope you like it.

Risk, Reward, and the Big Lie – A Conversation with Doug Workman

In this podcast, we sit down with Doug Workman.  An alpine guide, Doug is the real deal when it comes international ski guiding. He’s been taking risks on the snow since he was a toddler learning to ski at Powder Ridge in Connecticut. Since then, he has found many other places to experiment with risk and risk management: Alaska, Pakistan, Iceland, China, Morocco, Svalbard, Antarctica, and right in his backyard, the Tetons. He makes his home in Jackson, Wyoming with his wife and two children where he works as a Mountain Guide and Avalanche Program Manager for Mammut North America.