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Moby Dick

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Risk/Reward and the Human Condition. It turns out that we are the most important part of the equation. In here you’ll find avalanches and the alpine environment as backdrops or vehicles to explore ideas of intuition, guilt, shame, desire, and so many other things unique to the human experience. Years ago, someone wrote, “now here’s another Hardesty metaphor on life disguised as an avalanche forecast”. I couldn’t be more pleased.

A great deal of Thanks goes to Herman Melville, Basho, Cormac McCarthy, Antoine de St Exùpery, Maya Angelou, and Norman Maclean. And the authors of the Old Testament.



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BDTV – Episode 2: The Forecaster – Backcountry Skiing

Drew Hardesty: “The Nature of Forecasting — And Why We Get it Wrong”

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Managing Risk with Avalanches, Managing Risk With A Pandemic – A Conversation with state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn

On the Efficacy of Avalanche Airbags and New Research – A Conversation with Dr. Scott McIntosh and Black Diamond’s Andy Merriman

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